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Art of staying connected: rolling, falling, flying

Workshop for ones, who has CI experience and is willing to move on!
February 25-27, Vilnius, Lithuania

We will look for the ways to stay connected in the dance. Our main keys will be: witnessing, listening and following.

We will be finding and loosing the balance, leaning and falling into each other, following the gravity and momentum. We will also explore the structure of our bodies and practise giving and receiving the weight.

We will discover:
- moments, when body becomes light when giving weight;
- moments for easy to supporting (with least energy input);
- ongoing movement flow;
- ways to maintain continuous physical contact with partner;
- possibility to let ourselves into not knowing what is going to happen next;
- weird, unknown, unusual body positions;
- ways to enter and leave contact;
- something, what is not mentioned in this description…

There will be technical material, and we will also focus on our personal curiosity, exploration and pleasure of dance.

We will spiral, roll, fall and fly, melt, listen, share and enjoy!

Julija Melnik, BA, MA - Tutor in Dance - is leading regular contact improvisation classes, jams and workshops in Lithuania. She has also taught outside of Lithuania (Ukraine, Latvia, Russia, France and USA ). Julija is actively participating in International CI festivals, teachers’ conferences and is also organizing CI events in Lithuania : annual CI and Performance Mini-festival since 2007, regional CI teachers’ conference in March ‘08, Vilnius CI and Performance Festival ‘09.

Julija has studied contact improvisation with CI pioneers - Steve Paxton and Nancy Stark Smith, and also with Nina Martin, Andrew Harwood, Angela Donii, Joerg Hassman, Charlie Morrissey, Adrian Russi and many others. She is also exploring other improvisational forms and performance, and has studied with Julyen Hamilton, Daniel Lepkoff, Nita Little, Alexander Girshon, Keith Hennessy and others.

Julija often performs in improvisational dance structures or performances at international CI festivals and conferences. The recent dance projects she took part in: Bodies in Urban Spaces with W. Dorner , Stokholm ‘08, Barcelona International Dance Exchange ‘09.

Besides CI, Julija has been teaching street dance for five years. She is also practicing Argentinean tango, house dance, salsa, contemporary dance.

February 25 (Fri.) 19:00-22:00
February 26 (Sat.) 11:00-14:00; 15:00-18:00
February 27 (Sun.) 11:00-14:00; 15:00-18:00; 18:30-21:00 - Jam

Venue: Workshop will take place in Vilnius. Details will be announced later for participants.

Lodging: We might help with finding some free or non-expensive accommodation.

Fee: Cost of the workshop is 110-195 LTL / 32-58 EUR.
With early registration and unrefundable deposit of 30 LTL / 10 EUR paid:
110 LTL / 32 EUR, till 10th of February,
155 LTL / 45 EUR, till 20th of February,
Later - 195 LTL / 58 EUR.

10% discount for students, couples.

Register here

improv_lt (at)
+370 613 57997 (Julija)

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