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Daniel Lepkoff (USA) - Foundations for Improvisation + CI

Intensive workshop: Foundations for Improvisation
October 11-17, Vilnius

This work is an approach to dancing that looks at the function of the mind and body together with the forces of nature. We look at movement as a spontaneous creative and intelligent physical dialogue with the environment and consider the form and composition of these interactions as a language for making dances. (Read more)

Moving the Environment
Afternoon session
Mon-Fri 16:00-18:30, Sat-Sun 11:00-14:00

Detailed work with basic patterns of walking, rolling, crawling, running, pushing, and pulling, together with material from Contact Improvisation, Release Technique, and my own research and dancing forms an underlying vocabulary and filter for studying our own movement.

The visible boundaries of our body are transparent to the force of gravity. The forces that we feel within our body, (compression or stretch) do not know the difference between what is us and what is our environment. We move ourselves by extending our architecture and expressing our force into the environment. The environment answers. We move it and it moves us.

This duality offers an extended dimension to our awareness and understanding of what is happening as we navigate through space. Exercises are designed to help us embody this physical fact in both solo and partner work.

The Movement of Attention - Dancing Composition
Evening session
Mon-Fri 19:30-22:00

We extend the physical approach from the afternoon session to focus on vision, our perception of space, and the timing of our physical images. A variety of improvised structures help us integrate the inner and outer environment and offer specific, open, and gentle frameworks for practice making movement choices in response to a performative space. The work builds a context for learning from each other, creating group compositions, and sharing information.

Weekend Master Class: Contact Improvisation - a Question
October 16-17
Sat-Sun 15:00-18:00

From the point of view of a spectator, Contact Improvisation is a duet form. From inside the dance, it is a solo form. Only you can assess your own physical circumstance and compose a response.

The underlying technique needed to prepare for and survive the surprises of a Contact Improvisation duet is to pose and maintain a question within the body:
• What is going on when I move?
• Where is my center?
• Where is down?
• What surfaces of my skin are being touched or touching?
• Which of these surfaces offers support?
• Where do I think I am going?
• Where am I able to go?
• What am I not aware of?…and so on

This workshop will offer tools and situations to practice reading information from your environment and composing your response. The nature of my work is to delve into detail, it is inside of the details of our present moment that the dancing lives.

Daniel Lepkoff’s work looks at all of our movement as a finely tuned physical dialogue with the environment and explores the form and composition of these interactions. He played a central role in the development of Release Technique with Mary Fulkerson and Contact Improvisation with Steve Paxton since the early ’70’s. As a performer and teacher he is known for composing dances that arises from the process of living movement, a vision a living in the body in a physical dialogue with the environment. He is one of the founders of Movement Research in New York City.

This event is open for any level, but any experience in improvisation or contemporary dance would be an advantage.

Registration and Fees: with early submission of registration form (see below) and a deposit of 30 EUR paid (if participation is cancelled, we keep 20 EUR for administrative expenses) by 13th of September -

intensive workshop: 80 EUR
intensive workshop + CI weekend masterclass: 90 EUR

by 30th of September -
intensive workshop: 100 EUR
intensive workshop + CI weekend masterclass: 110 EUR
later: + 10% more.

10% discount for students!

Venue: Arts Printing House, Šiltadaržio st. 6 (3rd floor hall), Vilnius, Lithuania.
Traveling: Check super cheap flights by to Kaunas or Riga. Also check, and other companies.
Accommodation: We can help finding some free/inexpensive place to stay if you need one.

Number of places is limited!

Register here

More information:
+370 613 57997 (Julija)


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