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E. Boudiere (FR), J. Melnik (LT) - Movement, inner music and instant composition

September 24-26, Vilnius

It does not matter who you are or where you come from, musicality and dance exists in every body, every voice. Everyone is born with the potential to develop his/her hearing, listening, speaking and moving skills to sing, dance and play.

We invite you to explore and use improvisation as a way to find your inner music and movement and bring the shared space of sound and dance into instant composition. We want to exchange with you our invisible tools for bringing more presence, breath and depth into improvisation. We invite you to discover how to build something in the present moment with anybody by accepting the difference of others as well as ourselves. (Read more)

We will enjoy the pleasure of sound, listening and following, experience harmony and surprise, and the simple joy of presence. We invite you to assert yourself, your taste, your choice and your way of being and together create with a clearer intention. You can give up your fears and doubts about your abilities, allow yourself to open up and find a free way to express yourself in creative improvisation.

At the end of the workshop there will be the possibility to share what we have found with an engaged audience.

Emmanuel Boudière is an author, songwriter, singer, drummer, guitarist, with a great interest in music improvisation connected with movement. His music is inspired by traditional music of Asia (Tibet, India, Mongolia), Africa (South Africa, Mali, Maghreb), and also by the young Afro-American styles (gospel, funk, soul, Reggæ, Jazz…). He borrows the simplicity and authenticity of those works to travel to the roots of our own Inner music, movement and silence.

His main interest is to bring a real presence by sound and find the way to breathe in it. Working with the space of the sound, he explores body percussion and beat box to see how body can be the first source of music. By mixing the practice of contact improvisation and dance improvisation with the music improvisation, he wants to break the inner borders between the two (music and dance) that are often created by the outside - stereotypes of society. He is trying to develop a tool for communication between the dancers and musicians to make them share the musicality of the movement.

Being self-educated in his artistic development, Emmanuel had a chance to meet on his way some inspiring musicians as Keith Terry, Marcelo Pretto, Ezra, Haim Isaacs. Putting together his own discovery with their tools and with ethnic practice as Circle Songs (Impro developed by Bobby MC Ferrin), Polyrhythmic, Polyphony, Sound painting, Sound Writing, he has created his own method.

In 2003 he created his own Art Company “Cie Tribu Terre des Rêves” (Dreams as a fuel for life) cooperating with other involved artists. The main aim of his association is to support artistic creativity and develop meetings between different kinds of artistic practices.

Julija Melnik is leading regular contact improvisation classes, jams and workshops in Lithuania (Vilnius, Kaunas ). She has also taught outside of Lithuania (Ukraine, Latvia, Russia and USA). Julija is actively participating in International CI festivals, teachers’ conferences and is also organizing CI events in Lithuania: annual CI and Performance Mini-festival since 2007, regional CI teachers’ conference in March ’08, Vilnius CI and Performance Festival ‘09.

Julija has studied contact improvisation with CI pioneers - Steve Paxton and Nancy Stark Smith, and also with Nina Martin, Andrew Harwood, Angela Donii, Joerg Hassman, Charlie Morrissey, Adrian Russi and many others. She is also exploring other improvisational forms and performance, and has studied with Julyen Hamilton, Daniel Lepkoff, Nita Little, Alexander Girshon, Keith Hennessy and others. She also has MA in Dance Education.

Julija often performs in improvisational dance structures or performances at international CI festivals and conferences. The recent dance projects she took part in: Bodies in Urban Spaces with W. Dorner, Stokholm ‘08, Barcelona International Dance Exchange ‘09.

Besides CI, Julija has been teaching street dance for five years. She is also practicing Argentinean tango, house dance, salsa, contemporary dance.

This event is open for any level. You don‘t need a previous experience in dance or music.

Venue: Vilnius Simonas Daukantas gymnasium (3rd floor hall), J. Jasinskio str. 11
Time: Friday 18:30-21:00
Saturday 11:00-14:00; 15:00-18:00
Sunday 11:00-14:00; 15:00-17:30

Registration and Fees: with early submission of registration form (see below) and a deposit of 20 EUR paid (if participation is cancelled, we keep 10 EUR for administrative expenses)
by 6th of September - 45 EUR
by 20th of September - 55 EUR
later - 67 EUR

Single class (3h) - 15 EUR

10% discount for students!

Traveling: Check super cheap flights by to Kaunas or Riga. Also check and other companies.

Accommodation: We can help to find some free/inexpensive place to stay if you need one.

Register here

More information:
+370 613 57997 (Julija)

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