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Improvisation, contact improvisation, performance and more…

Vilnius (Lithuania) & Riga (Latvia) winter-spring 2011

January 28-30, Vilnius
Contact Improvisation Fundamentals
Julija Melnik (Lithuania)

February 13, Vilnius
Communication differently: through touch, dance and spontaneous creation together
Julija Melnik

February 25-27, Vilnius
Art of staying connected: rolling, falling, flying
Julija Melnik

March 4-6, Riga
Moving Spirals
Isabelle Uski (France)

March 25-27 Vilnius
Contact Improvisation Fundamentals (same description, different dates)
Julija Melnik (Lithuania)

Baltic autumn & winter 2010
Vilnius (Lithuania) & Riga (Latvia)

September 17-19, Riga

Licence to Fly
Hary Salgado (Venezuela)

September 24-26, Vilnius
Movement, inner music and instant composition
Emmanuel Boudiere (FR), Julija Melnik (LT)

October 7-8, Vilnius
Bodywork: body transformation for a new movement and dance
Julija Melnik (LT)

October 1-3, Riga
Ruslan Santah (Ukraine)

October 11, Vilnius
PHYSICAL DIALOGUES: Video Screening and Lecture with Daniel Lepkoff
October 11-17, Vilnius
Foundations for Improvisation
October 16-17, Vilnius
Contact Improvisation: A Question
Daniel Lepkoff (USA)

November 5-7, Vilnius
Contact Improvisation or a Dance-Dialogue
Julija Melnik (LT)

November 19-21, Vilnius
4th Vilnius Contact Improvisation and Performance Minifestival
Workshops by Baltic, Nordic and other regional teachers, Jams, Performances
All events are open for any level. You don‘t need a previous experience in dance, contact improvisation or any other kind of movement.

10% discount for students! (For events in Vilnius)

More information

improv_lt (at)
+370 613 57997 (Julija)


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